Sunday, September 1, 2013

Goodbye Dinner with President & Sister Veirs

Here are the pictures of Elder Clayton & the other elders going home.  I'm not sure what to expect when he gets here.  I do know that I can't wait to hold that boy and know that he is safely home.  I know that he has been protected and watched over by millions of prayers said for him by faithful members here and all over the world.  I witnessed that as the last Sunday from the pulpit I heard those words as they prayed for the missionaries and I found the tears flowed freely as I realized he would not have those prayers for very much longer.  And for that I am sad.  He truly has been protected and watched over.  I am forever grateful for a loving Father in Heaven who I know with ever ounce of my being that He is aware of him and knows where he is and what he is doing.  As well as me and my heart and has whispered to it many times that he is okay, and that is what go me through many days and months of this journey.  But, I'm so excited to Welcome Him HOME!!!

 President & Sister Veirs
I will forever be grateful for them being there to take care of and watch over my boy as well as the other elders in the Honduras San Pedro Mission.  Well done President & Sister.  We love you!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Welcome Home Elder Clayton

We had a wonderful time at the airport.  His plane landed so late so there were so many friends and family that came to welcome him home.  It was so great to see  him come down that aisle.  No words can describe the emotions, but maybe the pictures will speak louder than words.  Enjoy...

It's so awesome to have him home!!!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Here it is. His last email. It's so awesome. Everything you want them to learn and find out for themselves is testified here. I want him home so badly and yet I don't want it to end for him either. It's so hard. I can't explain it. I am forwarding this in its entirety. A few times I have taken out the word freaking as its used more than it probably should. But today I left it in. I am so proud of him.

Thank you so much for following his journey. Your prayers have been felt and appreciated.

Enjoy. It's a great one...
What is happening man i am freaking out i have no idea what to think i feel like my life is ending i don't know how to explain it super weird feeling this week was great in Roatan we had 12 investigators come out to church and the people here are awesome the people in Honduras Are amazing man i love them i love everything about this country i just don't know what to think that its over but I had an amazing week we aer actually leaving Roatan tomorrow in the morning to go to a zone Meeting in La Ceiba so it will be cool we will work in Ceiba until Jueves then on to SPS for the Friday night and Saturday...... so yeah we will see what happens i just don't know. I guess there are just so many I DON'T KNOWS right know and i have to just get stoked about it.

Well i cant believe what has just happened this is my last Pday....I don't know what to really think of that I'm scared excited i don't really have any words to describe it. As much as i really want to see you guys and see everyone. Honestly i want to stay here I love Honduras sure its a little bit dangerous as we all know when you google search Honduras it comes up as Murder Capitol of the world and the most Violent Countries known today ( check this website out haha) there are drugs gangs and everything pretty sketchy in the world AND I LOVE IT. Before getting my mission call people would ask me where do you want to go i would say one of two things usually Bismark South Dakota or I would say I want to go to some sketchy city Like Detroit, Oakland or New York. haha and for that i was sent to the most dangerous country in the world. Which i am so grateful for. Through the Ups and the downs i have learned so much. The mission IS the best thing anyone can do in their life to better it. Not only have i learned about myself and what i can do. Who i am. I have gained a testimony that i WILL NEVER LOSE I know that Jesus Christ is the savior of the World that through Him we ALL can return back to the presence of our Heavenly Father and live with our Families which is really the only thing i really want in this life . To Be there with my family to have Happiness and joy all the time. I have learned you can NEVER GIVE UP no matter where you are because Jesus Christ is right there with you helping you along Everyone Falls down everyone gets a bump here or there but He will always help you. NO ONE has fallen too far or too deep that his arms are not there to grab us. No one is perfect we all have our faults and mistakes and we can become better. Through prayer and scripture study that is an amazing thing we have in our lives that we can have that relationship with our Heavenly Father. Honduras is FULL of amazing people that i have met and talked to during these 2 years I love them. They are my family and just like you guys i have and will do all i can to help them. I have come to know that Heavenly Father loves every one of his Children NO IMPORTA where they live in what circumstances they are in he loves them and wants the best for them. He wants the best for all of s we just have to do our best. I think the theme that has definitely made my mission and changed my life is the message i found one day in the MTC of Come What May and Love it. That is how I Live my life walking i the rain, and the heat. Not having people accept us watching so many things crazy scary or whatever the word may be. YOU HAVE TO LOVE IT. It s so true Learn to laugh remeber the law of consencration and DO YOUR BEST and leave the Rest to the Lord. Pray and Know that everything will get better because if you've had a bad day in the morning it will be better and the next and the next life's a roller coaster it has it's ups and its downs but we all have to find joy in the journey This is another thing i love i know it is true we don't just do something we enjoy to have it end quickly but we have to find joy and happiness and enjoy it. I dont know how else to say it. I know that the Book Of Mormon is True it is i can tell anyone and no one no one can prove me wrong. Try to i freaking dare you there's no way from what is in THERE, What Joseph Smith went through to have the book there is absolutely NO FREAKING WAY its not true I know its true If you don't know find out for yourself this book i love. On Wed. in the morning i was reading it and just a warm spirit came over me that really can only come from this book. There are a Billion Answers waiting for everyone there are blessings to all that read it. I love it. I don't know what else to say there are about a million other things i want to write i want to share and i guess shortly I will. I cant wait to hear what has happened over the past 2 years up in the NSL area igual down here there are funny and crazy things that i cant wait to tell you its gonna be sickyyyy! But really honestly this is my testimony the church is true and THAT'S all there is too it. I love all of you so much thank you for all the letters the support everything. I'm stoked for Stetson to start his adventure it'll be the best thing he will do in his life. Love you all 
Love for the Last Time

 Fishing, he hasn't lost  his touch. Wonder if he'll use a rod when he returns???
 Beautiful scenery there, we will need to go there for sure.

Pointing the way towards home!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

President Clayton...and the Final Countdown

This week he sent awesome pictures.  It's coming to an end and to be quite honest, I have been a little sad the past couple of days.  I want him home so badly, and yet I don't want to wish it away for him.  I know that a big piece of his heart will remain there, and I can not fix that.  But, we could not be prouder of all that he has accomplished and the man he has become.  Six days...enjoy, it's almost the end.

 This is the message he sent me this week.  I can't hardly believe that in six days I will finally get to hug this boy.  I've missed him.  He is an awesome son and missionary.  I am one proud mom!

These are the announcements we mailed to family and friends.  He looks so happy!

Well this place is amazing i will not lie its pretty awesome so last Monday after i wrote we went to a place called West End and walked to West BAY so pretty white sand beaches and just way clear water its really tight we ate some lunch and just saw all the like touristy spots which was really cool its awesome here that's i really think the only word to explain it. So My comp is way cool Elder Valerio I've known him my whole mission and hes cool also to be here with elder Williams is so tight cause we know a lot of the same people and its fun haha hes cool too and with 4 elders we just laugh and have fun so its a good time. The island is fun its weird to just be so far away from everything but its all good. The members here are cool still getting to know alot of them they went to the open house of the Tegucigalpa Temple and it was 3 days long to go from boat to Ceiba then to Teguc. and back they were suppose to return Sunday Morning but......there was a big storm and they got stuck in Ceiba so we moved the church until 4 o'clock Sunday with hopes that everyone would return and the attempt FAILED they got stuck in Ceiba so hahah it was prett tight i got to be the President of the Rama hahaha so funny and direct the meeting with the other missionaries the attendance was well alot bigger than we though a whole 13 people showed up haha but it was good we had the sacrament and a short testimony meeting so really it was great.

Oh also just a little FYI we were eating at this lady's house the on Sunday and she gave us some soup with a little bit of meat and a bone and so I'm sucking on the bone and boom a part of my permanent Retainer came unglued with was horrible cause i was licking it and it was cutting up my tongue and stuff so we had a little Dentist 90210 style with Doctor Elder Valerio that cut it out with a Pocket Knife soooo i think i will need an appointment when i get home. Also have you talked with Peterson's what are they doing when Peterson gets home trip or anything.

So other than that awesome stuff it has been a pretty chill week i cant believe its March what the heck how did that just happen . I don't know what I'm going to do where will i work.....where am i going to school.....ah so many questions that i just don't have the answer i know everything will be okay but i don't know much more than that.

I love you guys so much thanks for everything.

LOVE Elder Bridger Clayton

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Living the Dream in Paradise

As you will see, he is going to finish his mission in a beautiful place.  His email is short, but he has lots to do.  I'm certain he was sent there with the knowledge he is a good and obedient missionary to be trusted.  He is now with another missionary that actually went to Woods Cross, too.  What a small world.

Whats Up Family well not gonna lie this week was super tight but I'm talking supper cool so Monday kinda sucked when they told me i had a change i was like what the heck a change why I only have 3 weeks but whatever so we got on the bus Tuesday night at 11:45 to get to San Pedro Sula at 9 O'clock Trujillo Colon is super far from SPS so we get to SPS and no one believes i have a change and its super weird so they call my name and president says im going to Roatan hahah everyone went crazy i went crazy it was so sick haha im here with my comp Elder Valerio from Costa Rica he goes home with me so president said we were going to Roatan to get things happening here and to have a little vacation time before we go home hahaha so it was a cool deal i think. So then that night Wed we are riding the bus and I'm just like i think Stetson got his call im gonna call just to see and BOOM exactly I think Monterrey Mexico is SO SICK it'll be way cool for him he will love it i saw that there is a temple there so that is cool but man I'm stoked for him hahaha June 12 is going to come way to fast but it'll all be good. So then on Thursday we took a ship fro La Ceiba to Roatan it takes about 2 hours to get here but the ride was way fun i loved and so we get to Roatan and there are 3 HUGE cruise ships here I'm just like freak this is cool Roatan is a whole nother world it's well....PARADISE WE HAVE TO COME BACK HERE its awesome bvut we have just been working with the memebers and yeah its cool so in the house there are 4 of us Its super cramped but we are doing good i definitely cant complain how could someone complain about being on a Cariibean Island anyways Honduras is Tight The mission SPS is splitting as well so we will see what goes down.

Anyways this is a short email cause we are off to go and explore the sick does that sound right i love you all you're the bomb im glad i could listen to Stetsons call made my day.

I love you all sorry this letter is kinda bad.

Love Elder Clayton
This is the view from outside his apartment. 
Bugs in his apartment.  Looks interesting.
He's coming home with a bigger love of seafood.  This is in an area awhile back
A couple of pictures Elder Peterson's mom sent us.  

Elder Shane Williams on the left is from our same town.  They look happy & ready to work
On the boat to Roatan.  He looks so happy.  Hoping he still wants to come home!